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Wild Boar

European wild boars were first introduced in Texas in the mid-1800s.  Most wild pigs found throughout America today are directly related to a combination of Eurasion wild boars and domesticated pigs that have escaped and became feral.  The wild boar population is overwhelming many areas of the southwestern United States.  They are very adaptable to their environment and have been doing a serious amount of damage agriculturally.

Colorado dawg sources all of its wild boar from the Hill Country of Texas.  Since wild boars are truly wild, they are entirely free range, with no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.  Colorado Dawg’s wild boar natural diet includes wild nuts, fruits, roots and tubers.  Wild boars are humanly trapped and transported under the supervision of a trained veterinarian for harvest at a species specific plant to ensure minimal stress.

Colorado Dawg offers it’s wild boar treats in 3 oz packages, meaty bulk burgers and meaty sticks.