All Natural Bison

Burgers, Stix


By the late 20th century bison population was down to nearly 1000 animals compared to the 64 million that once roamed the Great Planes in two herds (great northern heard and southern heard) .  Today bison has made a huge comeback and can be found roaming on some of the most beautiful parcels of land all over the United States.

Bison is great for dogs with food allergies and is low in fat and cholesterol.  Bisons are never given growth hormones and only antibiotics when they are sick

Colorado Dawg uses bison meat because of its health benefits and stewardship of the land.

Bison is an excellent source of:

  •  iron
  • zinc
  • vitamin B12
  •  niacin
Bison roam on large parcels of land and do not eat the grass to the roots but instead leave enough for the grass to grow back.  When traveling in the Dakotas you can tell the difference between the cattle grazing land and the bison grazing land, it’s incredible!

Colorado Dawg offers bison treats in 3 oz packages, bulk meaty burgers and Stix.